A link to strengthen, in Indian industry…and elsewere

Listen! Having worked with different parts of the high tech industry of India including the large engineering firms in IT and building & construction I noticed one area in particular where a lot of the secret sauce for the future lies. In terms of tech transfer for the defense sector, product launch in domestic and international … Continue reading

The ideas; Areas that make sense, for most companies and organizations, to focus their attention on, now….or at least near term

Actually, I am interested in corporate and investment advisory projects, interim positions, and shorter assignments. I were planning to retire but after just a few months I want to get back in to real action again and even get on the road. I am involved in a couple of things, one or two are becoming … Continue reading

What it takes to succeed – not only to be productive

Swedish Fine Arts - at Art Copenhagen 2010

One of the best resent reads on the topic. Not many will be able to follow the guide but by experience I know it’s correct approach; Article at WEF Happy reading!

Interoperability – Internet of Things

The big buzz-word today in the high-tech industry is IoT – internet of things. Well, besides robots, learning systems, intelligent buildings, smart cities and self-driving cars. All is the same king/-s dressed in new clothes. When I was deeply involved in the development of applied technology and science many years ago, basically all this stuff … Continue reading

An approach to Building, buying, or deploying … anything

A significant part of my career I spent building companies, or ensuring that market needs and requirements were addressed by products and services. This lead me to engage in real life situations – and people of all backgrounds and professions – where products and services were used or consumed. I had to have discussions with … Continue reading

Thoughts on Winning and building a business abroad – a Future opportunity for Sweden ?

I am getting old and grumpy – or maybe it is my personality. When I founded Incentra back in 1989 that later became Extend, my first consulting business it was the old uncles being 45yo or above who did not know how to adopt to changing business conditions. They took in advisors with a brand … Continue reading

Symptomatic – how the walk go

Money go where Money can be made ……and Gold-digers flock where Money is moving hands The last couple of posts, and the next couple to come, is an attempt in lifting a couple of key questions to reflect on….answers? There some, yes. Opportunities…? A bunch! Ways to round the obstacles – absolutely! Ways to win…? … Continue reading

Symptomatic – India

India is looking to foreign companies, non resident Indians and other nations to invest in the opportunity India represents, to transfer technology and know-how.  The coin has two sides. There are reasons why many international large corporates hesitate to invest and enter into JV’s with Indian companies – who in general have very little to … Continue reading

Symptomatic – Sweden

Sweden is believed to have one of the most prosperous economies in the world, ranking 5 or so. After discussing with some 30 friends in Swedish business it does not correlate with what they relate. Neither the general sentiment. I can believe it is correct if the measurement is the number of coffee shops &/or … Continue reading