What’s this about?

Corporate Advisor

Lars R. K. Talwar Norberg

I am at a point in life where I want to share my experience in how to get optimal results in real situations and contexts.

This is going to be about future, present and past – experiences, achievements and values. Learnings from my journey. As I recall it, it has been full of success, joy, friendship and adventures. Also so struggle and hurdles.

Thinking back on what I did and where I went; I were fortunate to be among and belonged to the rainmakers, frontrunners, pathfinders, first entrants, early adopters, arbitrators, mediators, inventors and doers – many times the winners. I went to the most exciting places and were in the middle of where it all happened – the cold war and its end, break-through of IT, reshaping of global cities, the Internet, mobile devises, opening up of India and other emerging markets, financial downturns, unrest, raise of the cyclic economy, and more to come.

I am and will be talking about business, but adding perspectives of music, art, life and contemplations.

Business has been a significant part of my life – I probably spent most of my time working on deals and transactions, analyzing and planing.

The almost 30 years in USA, Europe, Middle-East and India; investing, establishing partnerships, building networks, developing business – my clients and/or my own – gave me quite a hefty vault of experience. I have been there, I done that, and I learned from it…not all but a lot.

Now – and here – I will share some. Hope you will find it of interesting and useful; them who want to contribute, comment and share may do so. Hopefully new paths, new experiences, new projects will open up …

This blog will be about my thoughts and perspectives – small and big, shallow and deep – and based on my own insights and observations. I will also post and refer to sources that I find relevant or in line with my experience and what I find being of importance when thinking about what is the best way forward.

This blog is going to be about how to get the right things done, to achieve what is important, and how to define what that is. It is about the learnings and insights collected during a journey – my journey – from Kalix, situated in the far north of Sweden, to New Delhi and the UAE, via Stockholm, USA and back to a quite different Sweden than what I left thinking I will never go back. Completing a full circle while covering most parts of the world.

I gathered experiences of two life-times, from multiple cultures while benefiting from three generations of entrepreneurship, project development, and international expansion, while been operational in waste number of industries – from retail to technology and defence and working with the “best-in-class” and even the “best-in-the-world” if quite extraordinary.

I have my own companies, ventures, and projects, but I am looking for opportunities of collaboration where the capabilities I have gathered during a lifetime can be brought to use in different situations. This can be as an investor, advisor, or board member, or even as a program manager where my ability to get things done, or where my network of contacts and relationships, will make a difference.

This blog will be stories, experiences, or tidbits of information, that can give inspiration to others on how to succeed, how to Extend, and how to grow outside a comfort-zone – and the satisfaction and gratification received from doing so. I hope this will be about how to fulfil dreams, meet stellar goals, and create sustainable – and monetary – Value. In short, business as a part of life.

Please feel welcome!


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