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Having worked with different parts of the high tech industry of India including the large engineering firms in IT and building & construction I noticed one area in particular where a lot of the secret sauce for the future lies. In terms of tech transfer for the defense sector, product launch in domestic and international markets and when establishing joint ventures.

Interestingly enough this very same area is where Sweden, as a small country with large multinational enterprises and high technology content, has been in the forefront. 
Since I am spending some significant time in Sweden right now I wanted to make my colleagues and friends in India aware of a possibility to access world-class know-how in the area of Product Management. Personally I have nothing but a common understanding to offer but I happen to know one of the key sources of expertise.

This company is a specialist company in product management. They assist B2B technology companies with training and consulting. 

Their customers are companies such as Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, GE Healthcare, Tasnee group, Würth, Tetra Pak, etc etc – all successful companies operating on a global market with complex product offerings. They are especially strong in contexts where software, electronics, mechanical systems are combined and offered with services. Should be exactly in the direction many Indian companies are evolving rapidly.

Product Management is the discipline of governing a product total life-cycle to its inception to the market all the way until it is closed down. Product management aims at generating the largest possible value to a business by defining products in terms of features and functionality based on market insight. This work involves many parts of an organization directly or indirectly whether a specific product management function is established or not. Such an holistic, adaptive and strategic approach is kind of a Swedish key differentiator and could add tremendous value to some other companies.

They have assisted a number of companies in establishing and improving their product management activities and ways of working by providing combinations of training and consulting and achieve very impressive results by combining theoretical models and tools with hands on examples. To do this they work closely together with a number of universities and the domain specific organizations where research in the area of Product management is done to further explore and build strength in the product management discipline.

Today they are the biggest specialist company in this field in Europe and assist customers over the world. 

If any of you are interested in more information or an introduction please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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