The ideas; Areas that make sense, for most companies and organizations, to focus their attention on, now….or at least near term

Actually, I am interested in corporate and investment advisory projects, interim positions, and shorter assignments. I were planning to retire but after just a few months I want to get back in to real action again and even get on the road. I am involved in a couple of things, one or two are becoming operational and I need more to do.
Let’s meet and discuss what your priorities are and how we get some really important work done. I already have a few ideas – specifically for you.

img_9612The situations where I enjoy being involved in, perform my best, and can leverage my contacts and experience are;

1. Project development – based on technology, knowhow, resources, and structured financing solutions develop business and business models that generate revenues, positive cash-flow and enable international expansion in a profitable way, develop project oriented business opportunities, close significant deals and convert those into revenue. An area where I have had documented success, especially in the Middle East and India. Sounds complex? It’s beautifully performed.

2. Growth management, disruptive business models, strategic and organizational change programs. From A-Z, including financial and valuation aspects, and structural change (M&A and divestments), finding the right investments & transactions, this is my Silicon Valley and VC journey,

3. Disruptive use of Technology – development of strategies, functional specifications and even the development of products and technology as a means of being disruptive or counter disruptive entrants and threats. This is where I started and what I still am breathing, … The most fun I have had in most resent years was with drones, robots, AI, algorithms and deep learning…does that make sense? The side effect is increased preparedness – something that is needed when the markets turn sour, a SV unicorn is born or an Asian entrepreneur cracks it.

4. Advisory to startups and their founders, on all aspects of building a great company, something I do a bit of right now, …I love the energy from working with brilliant visionary people who see the value from having done it before,

5. General advisory roles – focus on business models, expansion, investment and growth, sometimes in turn-around situations. Working with owners /investors, financiers, boards and management. Something I enjoyed doing in the past and would like to do more of,

…and yes I still do work related to real estate and asset management. I actually have opportunities in UAE, India and the Mediterranean region.

Europe, US, India, Middle East has been my home but I have also done large deals in parts of Asia and Africa. I would not mind projects abroad, or even move, for the right opportunity.

During my 30 years professional career I have experience from working with corporates in different stages of development, institutional investors, different asset classes, business strategies and models. I know what works. I have worked with boards, chairmen, owners, C-level management, program managers, as well as specialists and professionals from many fields and most industries. I have managed relationships and processes related to government and authorities – both officials and politicians. Many valuable contacts and experiences have been gained.

Market entries and corporate establishments in 22 countries, more than 350 successfully completed management advisory and change management projects, completion and participation in M&A transactions adding up to almost USD 40B, fund raising of more than USD 10B, and closing and delivery of commercial contracts valued to quite a few billion dollar means that there is no limits in terms of appetite and ability to execute.

Let me know when you have a few minutes to explore in which way we can work together. If you are around and know me, then you know I am always up for a cup of espresso or a snack. I am looking forward to see what exciting opportunities are out there and where e experience and ability to perform is sought after.

Drop an email, give me a buzz, tweet or FB me – let’s take it from there.

ATB & enjoy summer! / Lars


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