Symptomatic – Sweden

Sweden is believed to have one of the most prosperous economies in the world, ranking 5 or so. After discussing with some 30 friends in Swedish business it does not correlate with what they relate. Neither the general sentiment. I can believe it is correct if the measurement is the number of coffee shops &/or lunch restaurants per 100 meeter or if the inverse of available houses is counted. If it is the appreciation in house prices – definitely! 

I’m thinking – that the running advertisement campaign by Volvo Car’s (owned by Chinese) is quite telling; “Made by Sweden”. It is not made by Swedes, or Made in Sweden, anymore. Nothing is, but Swedes.

Is Sweden shutting down?

If not, what is up? What is going to make my birth country prosper and strive in the future? What is it Sweden, Swedish companies, are going to export to the world to ensure that the welfare state remain?

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